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Why World Hindu Congress?

The inaugural World Hindu Congress (WHC) held in 2014 saw 1800 delegates from 53 countries, taking part in 7 parallel conferences to deliberate and formulate solutions to the myriad challenges faced by Hindus throughout the world, and to devise workable and tangible solutions that can be implemented. The resounding success of WHC 2014 means that the Hindu community now has a consistent global platform to address and resolve the relevant issues that affect Hindus.

In the past, the Hindu community has only held forums and conferences intermittently, with the implementation of resolutions and proposed policies being sporadic at best. The fatal convergence of these developments has greatly undermined the effectiveness of any gains made at previously held conferences. To break this inconsistency and to regularly bring Hindu society together on a common platform with a common purpose, the World Hindu Congress will be organized every four years, in a joint manner, consisting of all like-minded Hindu groups. The next WHC will be held in 2018 in USA.

The World Hindu Congress (WHC) is an informal organization, solely dependent on the efforts of associated Hindu organizations and activists. Each Congress will be held in a different part of the world. All Hindu organisations, associations and institutions are encouraged to participate and are most welcome to become partners in World Hindu Congress.

The Congress consists of delegates from around the world – these are people of accomplishment and achievement from various fields, who are committed to working for the Hindu resurgence. Delegates come from the ranks of activists, academicians, industrialists, businessmen, parliamentarians, legislators, media personalities, professionals, and leaders and representatives of various Hindu organisations and institutions.

WHC 2014

The first World Hindu Congress was organised on November 21-23, 2014 in New Delhi. The theme envisioned for WHC 2014 was the Hindu principle of Sangachchhadhwam Samvadadhwam, which means ‘Step together, Express together’. With this guiding principle as our inspiration, seven different conferences were held during the Congress. Each conference specifically dealt with an area of strategic importance to the global Hindu community, holding detailed deliberations and articulating specific solutions to deal with obstacles blocking the Hindu community’s ability to progress in the respective area concerned.

The following seven conferences were held:

  1. World Hindu Economic Forum
  2. Hindu Educational Conference
  3. Hindu Youth Conference
  4. Hindu Women Conference
  5. Hindu Political Conference
  6. Hindu Media Conference
  7. Hindu Organisations Conference

The findings of each Conference were presented to the Congress as a whole, where the entire Congress’ delegates had an opportunity to critically examine the work of the Conference and offer their input as well. After the conclusion of the Congress, the individual organizations that conducted each of the conferences are responsible for monitoring and assisting the implementation of the findings of each conference, and will report at the next Congress on the progress made along with starting deliberations anew on any remaining and new challenges confronting Hindu society.

WHC 2018

The next World Hindu Congress is proposed to be held in USA in 2018. The exact dates and venue are yet to be finalized. It is proposed that the Congress will follow the same model as the inaugural WHC 2014, with seven conferences running in parallel to deliberate and formulate solutions to the myriad challenges being faced by Hindus throughout the world.