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WHC 2018 is pleased to launch the Hindu GPS (Global Poster Session) as a unique integrated forum for sharing inspirational stories and ideas from the Hindu community around the globe.

From the overwhelming number of entries received, we have selected over 50 of the most inspirational stories to share with you. Among these you will come across examples of simple every day folks, some of them tribal women, who in spite of being born into abject poverty, managed to rise above their personal circumstances and make a difference in the lives of others. You will also come to know about the Hindu organizations who have provided disaster relief services to the communities they live in and brought huge credit to the Hindu community at large. You also might be fascinated to learn about the ancient connections between Bharat and other Asian societies through the shared Hindutva heritage. Or, you may find it shocking to know that almost half the population of Bharat is functioning with impaired vision, and that a simple act of providing affordable eyeglasses could dramatically reduce road accidents and increase the earning potential of large communities of artisans!

Let’s take the time to read the brief synopses of these stories here, visit the posters at the WHC2018, engage with the presenters and take inspirational messages back into your lives and communities! Let’s Share, Connect and Inspire each other!

To view details of the Global Poster Session planned during WHC 2018, please visit our page