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What is ‘Dharma Rising’?

‘Dharma Rising’ is a movement for the resurgence, renaissance, growth and development of Dharmik ideologies, philosophies, traditions and practices.

We invite all those who are proud of our Dharmik traditions and belief systems to join this movement by registering as a volunteer: Volunteer registration form

Why this movement?

  • Many solutions of problems facing Bharat and the modern world lie within the Dharmik philosophies, thoughts and traditions.
  • People from Dharmik communities have been looted, plundered, brutalized and killed by invaders and colonial powers for over a millennia. The persecution continues to this day.
  • Dharmik ideologies and traditions are in irreversible danger in the near future if they do not receive required attention, care and support.

Rishi Ved Vyas said in Mahabharata:

धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः।

(Dharma destroys its destroyer, Dharma protects its protector)

We all may have read this shloka many times but never tried to implement it in our daily lives. Even if someone tried, they were not able to continue it due to lack of proper platform, ideas, knowledge, community support.

To fill this gap, World Hindu Congress has decided to build a common platform to:

  • Share and implement our ideas
  • Celebrate our shared values
  • Collaborate for good causes
  • Participate in Dharmik activities
  • Contribute to the growth of the global Dharmik community

What will we do?

  • First of all, you need to fill up this form to register as a volunteer: Volunteer registration form
  • After that our team will reach out and engage you in different activities as per your interest and expertise. These will be both online and on-ground activities.

Come, let’s grow our Dharmik community together! Let’s ensure our eternal value system is nourished and passed on to coming generations.

Let’s be the change and bring the change!