WHC 2014 Hindu Media Conference
Conducted by:
Establishing a Robust Hindu Presence in all forms of the Media

WHC 2014 Hindu Women Conference
Conducted by:
Increasing the Role of Women in the Hindu renaissance

WHC 2014 Hindu Organizational Conference
Conducted by:
Sanghe Shakti Kaliyuge - Organization is Strength

WHC 2014 Hindu Educational Conference
Conducted by:
Ensure that all members of society receive a high quality affordable education

WHC 2014 Hindu Political Conference
Conducted by:
Encouraging Hindus to ascend to the Highest Levels of the Political Process

WHC 2014 Hindu Economic Conference
Conducted by:
Shaping the World Economy along with Making Hindu Society Prosperous

WHC 2014 Hindu Youth Conference
Conducted by
Harnessing the Dynamic Spirit and Energy of Hindu Youth by Shaping the Next Generation of Leaders
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There could be no better time than the present for the Hindu to organize himself in comprehensive ways across the world, and craft out “new ways” which will emphatically propel Hindu interests globally,

Inviting write-up for WHC 2014 souvenir

Those who want to write for the Souvenir on any of the nine themes identified above are requested to send an abstract in 300 words, and a short c.v. not exceeding 100 words by 30th May 2014. Articles would be written in English only. An expert committee would look into them, and notify those selected. They have to send the complete article by 15th August 2014. The ideal size of the article should not exceed

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