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The World Hindu Congress is a global platform for Hindus to connect, share ideas, inspire one another, and impact the common good.  Held once every four years, WHC’s seven parallel conferences showcase how the values, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit of the global Hindu community find expression in a variety of spheres, including economic, education, media, political and organizational, as well as the unique leadership and contributions of Hindu women and youth.  Interactive sessions offer space to deliberate the challenges and opportunities facing Hindu communities across the globe, and seek tangible solutions for the progress and prosperity of Hindus and the betterment of humanity and the world. The inaugural WHC 2014 was held in Delhi, followed by WHC 2018 in Chicago, and WHC 2023 in Bangkok held from 24-26 November, 2023.

WHC 2023 - Bangkok


The World Hindu Congress 2023 was held on 24-26 November, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand with the theme Jayasya Aayatnam Dharmah, meaning “Dharma, the Abode of Victory”. It was attended by 2200 delegates from 61 countries, and addressed by close to 200 distinguished speakers across 47 stimulating sessions. This successful gathering saw seven parallel thematic conferences to articulate the values, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Hindus in all its vibrance and glory. The conferences provided space to discuss and deliberate upon the opportunities and challenges facing Hindus across the world and how to address them valiantly. These conferences focusing on areas of strategic importance to Hindus also provided avenues for collaboration among Hindu leaders, activists and thinkers for the Hindu resurgence.

Some of the distinguished speakers who addressed WHC 2023 included Mata Amritanandmayi, Dr. Mohan Bhagwat, ZOHO Founder Sridhar Vembu, Suresh Soni,  Mohandas Pai, historian Vikram Sampath, scientist and author Anand Ranganathan, Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trustee and Treasurer Swami Govind Dev Giri, writer Ami Ganatra, sociologist Salvatore Babones, film maker Vipul Amrutlal Shah and many more. 

WHC 2023 provided opportunities for Hindus to network, exchange ideas, work confidently and model their future course of action. Overall, WHC 2023 spurred the grand pride in being a Hindu and strengthened our mind to take up our duties and responsibilities towards our Hindu Dharma fearlessly. It reminded delegates about the shared Dharmic and cultural values between Bharat and Southeast Asia that find expression in language, arts, architecture and tradition. Magnificent symbols of a shared heritage can be seen in Wat Phra Si Rattana Satsadaram (Thailand), Angkor Wat and Phnom Kulen (Cambodia), Prambanan and Borobudur (Indonesia), Bagan (Myanmar), Kedaram (Malaysia), Cham Temple, Mỹ Sơn (Vietnam) and Vat Phou (Laos).

Hindus are a 1.2 billion strong community, comprising 16% of the world’s population with presence in around 200 countries. Across the world, we are the leaders and catalysts in all spheres of human endeavour - business, economy, education, governance, media, technology and culture. As a civilisation, we have always aspired for a Dharmic world which is prosperous, just and peaceful. However, such aspirations can only be realised if the Hindu leadership - spread across nations, societies and cultures - comes together to organise and combine its energies for global welfare. The World Hindu Congress (WHC) is the only global platform where this translates into reality.

Thus, the WHC is a continuation of the quintessential and original yajnya (self-sacrifice) for the greater interest for the Hindu society. Its purposefulness and comprehensiveness enables Hindus to come together consistently on a shared platform for a shared purpose inspired by shared values. 

The declaration made on the inaugural day of WHC 2023 about the terms “HINDU”, “HINDUTVA” AND “SANATAN DHARMA" can be read here.

WHC 2023 event Website: https://events.worldhinducongress.org/WHC2023#




WHC 2023

Event: WHC 2023
Country: Thailand
Date: November 24,25,26  2023
City: Bangkok, Thailand

WHC 2018

Event: WHC 2018
Country: USA
Date: September 7,8,9  2018
City: Chicago, USA

WHC 2014

Event: WHC 2014
Date: November 21,22,23 
City: New Delhi, Bharat


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