About WHC

The World Hindu Congress is a global platform for Hindus to connect, share ideas, inspire one another, and impact the common good.  Held once every four years, WHC’s seven parallel conferences showcase how the values, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit of the global Hindu community find expression in a variety of spheres, including economic, education, media, organizational, and political, as well as the unique leadership and contributions of Hindu women and youth.  Interactive sessions offer space to deliberate the challenges and opportunities facing Hindu communities across the globe, and seek tangible solutions for the progress and prosperity of Hindus and the betterment of humanity and the world.

World Hindu Congress is organized by the World Hindu Foundation (WHF).

WHC Guiding Philosophy:Yato Dharmas tato Jaya — Where there is Dharma, there is victory.

The seven parallel conferences that are held during WHC are:

World Hindu Economic Forum:Making society prosperous.
Conducted by:  World Hindu Economic  Forum
Website: www.wheforum.org

This conference brings together executives, entrepreneurs, and industrialists alongside economists and business strategists to share real world experiences and knowledge about surplus wealth creation for widespread prosperity.  The Hindu contribution to the world economy until the 18th century was between 25 to 35% of the global GDP.  This changed under colonial rule.  This conference also seeks to explore avenues for generating inclusive prosperity ethically, and inspiring Hindus to reemerge as agents for global prosperity and happiness.

Hindu Educational Conference:Quality Education for All
Conducted by: Hindu Education Board

This conference brings together educators, academics, administrators, governments, students, and other stakeholders to discuss challenges and opportunities in the field of education. Discussions in the conference will focus on ways of making quality education affordable; developing leadership in all academic disciplines; establishing standards to ensure accurate portrayal of Hindu civilization in academia; and investing in creative modalities for dharmic values-based education. The Conference is also a forum to discuss and develop educational policies for promoting justice, equity, and economic opportunity.

Hindu Media Conference:Promoting Accuracy and Balance

Conducted by: Hindu  Media  Forum

This conference brings together journalists, bloggers, media house executives, public commentators, and observers to share ideas and experiences.  The session also provides a platform to discuss challenges and opportunities in emerging forms of media and evolving strategies to keep the world better informed through accurate and honest reporting and unbiased analysis of events happening in the Hindu world.

Hindu Organisational Conference:Coming Together. Expressing Together.

Conducted by: Hindu  Organization, Temples  &  Associations  Forum

This conference brings together a vast array of Hindu organizations, including temples, associations, and institutions to share best practices, experiences, resources, and ideas.  This session also provides a platform to discuss challenges and opportunities for organizations to better meet the needs of their constituencies, develop synergies across organizations, and coordinate with one another for local and global benefit.

Political:Strengthening Responsible Democracy

World Hindu Democratic Forum

Conducted by: World Hindu Democratic Forum

This Conference brings together Hindus serving as elected representatives, appointees, and staffers, Hindu policy experts, human and civil rights advocates, and other stakeholders to deliberate on issues impacting Hindus at local, national, and global levels. This Conference also seeks to encourage Hindus to become more politically engaged and to promote democracy around the world.

Hindu Women Conference:Women at the highest position of society
Conducted by: Hindu Women Forum

This conference brings  together  Hindu  women  from diverse  backgrounds,  perspectives,  and professions,  including business,  science, politics, and the arts, to share ideas and experiences as well as their contributions to variety of spheres. This session also provides a platform to deliberate the unique strengths and approaches Hindu women offer in addressing some of the most pressing issues impacting the wellbeing of Hindus, humanity, and the world, and mentoring future leaders.

Hindu Youth Conference:Rise, Organise, Lead, Emerge
Conducted by: Hindu Student and Youth Network

This conference brings together youth organizations and Hindu students active throughout the global Hindu community to capitalize on their energy, creativity, and idealism; to share experiences; and cultivate future Hindu leaders. This conference also provides a platform to inspire Hindu youth to impact the common good through the spheres of public service, politics, human rights, media, and entrepreneurship; connect with mentors in various fields; and find opportunities to cooperate across  youth communities.