Hindu Education Conference

The Hindu Education Conference brings together educators, academics, administrators, governments, students, and other stakeholders to discuss challenges and opportunities in the field of education. Discussions in the conference will focus on ways of making quality education affordable; developing leadership in all academic disciplines; establishing standards to ensure accurate portrayal of Hindu civilization in academia; and investing in creative modalities for dharmic values-based education. The Conference is also a forum to discuss and develop educational policies for promoting justice, equity, and economic opportunity.

The Hindu Education Conference is organized by the Hindu Education Board (HEB) -www.hindueducationboard.org

                                                               Hindu Education Board (HEB)

Mission Statement

The aim of the Hindu Education Board is to ensure that all members of the society receive quality education. Additionally, the Board seeks to encourage creation of high quality affordable educational institutions for all members of society, regardless of their social and economic status.

The Need

A society which is not well-educated is incapable of sustaining itself over the long term. It is education which drives positive social change, and ensures betterment of a nation. Civilizations which do not value education are susceptible to decay and deterioration. So, the Hindu civilization must develop a strong and viable system of education so that it can prosper and remain strong. It must strive to ensure that all members of the society, regardless of their socio-economic status, have access to quality education, thereby becoming meaningful contributors to larger and multifarious societal goals.

The Hindu civilization has had a splendid record of investing in education over last several millennia. Great institutions such as the universities of Taksha-shila, and Nalanda are a testimony to this fact. In more recent times the Hindus have created a large number of wonderful institutions including Banaras Hindu University, Madras Institute of Technology and Birla Institute of Technology and Science. However, despite these later initiatives a large part of the society still does not have access to affordable quality education. This has seriously impaired the overall progress of our country. The Hindu civilization, which is more than a billion strong, and constitutes more than 15% of global population, cannot rely primarily on external resources and efforts to meet its educational needs. Rather, it has to urgently develop, through internal resources, a significant number of institutions providing superior education in all fields including natural sciences, engineering and technology, social sciences, liberal and performing arts, law, business and management, ethics, religion, philosophy, and spiritual sciences.

Also needed is the establishment of numerous educational institutions of excellence which set benchmarks, and standards, and induce innovations in diverse areas of knowledge, thereby offering educational leadership to the world. A civilization which does not provide leadership in the area of education, progressively feels more insecure and less confident, since its perspectives remain perpetually under-appreciated and prone to distortions and misrepresentations. Creation of numerous institutions of excellence in different parts of the world will address this very serious anomaly by generating competent and confident Hindu leaders in their respective areas of academic specializations.