Hindu Women Conference

The Hindu Women Conference brings  together  Hindu  women  from diverse  backgrounds,  perspectives,  and professions,  including business,  science, politics, and the arts, to share ideas and experiences as well as their contributions to variety of spheres. This session also provides a platform to deliberate the unique strengths and approaches Hindu women offer in addressing some of the most pressing issues impacting the wellbeing of Hindus, humanity, and the world, and mentoring future leaders.

The Hindu Women Conference is organized by the Hindu Women Forum (HWF) - www.hinduwomenforum.org

Hindu Women Forum

Mission Statement

The aim of the Hindu Women Forum is to provide encouragement, support and training for the development of leadership qualities in Hindu women so that they can assume leadership positions in the Hindu resurgence and renaissance.


Hindu women have displayed their brilliance in different spheres of life, from the Vedic ages to the present times. They have been respected in many ways in our culture. Hindu women comprise approximately 50% of the global Hindu population, and are playing an increasingly important role around the globe in many important fields ranging from business and science to politics and culture. Although not heavily mentioned in history textbooks or the popular discourse, Hindu women have played a pivotal role in sustaining Hindu Dharma.

A number of Hindu women ranging from sovereigns and warriors like Rani Durgawati, Rani Ahilyabai Holkar, Rani Chinamma, Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi and Rani Avantibai, to teachers such as Madalsa and Mata Jijabai to devotees like Andal Devi, Mira Bai, Laleshwari and Kannagi, and revolutionaries like Sister Nivedita, Durga Bhabhi and Preetilata, have courageously stepped forward to provide critical and vital support to Hindu society. Unfortunately, the role of Hindu women in the Hindu resurgence has largely gone unnoticed and unacknowledged.

Furthermore, the number of women participating in leadership positions in the recent Hindu resurgence has declined to an unacceptable level. The Hindu Women Forum has been created to mobilise Hindu women and to reverse this trend. The Hindu Women Forum strongly believes in the power and potential of Hindu women. HWF seeks to bring Hindu women from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and professions who can support each other in all aspects of human endeavour as well as advocate the Hindu perspective from neighbourhoods to college campuses to the wider society.

The primary focal point of the Forum is to develop numerous strategies and initiatives for Hindu women to gain critical experience on their campuses, at their workplaces, in the social and political fabric of society, and in their communities and homes, so that they are prepared to take on leadership responsibilities of the Hindu resurgence which would play a vital role in the overall progress of the Hindu society.

Today her divinity, her identity, her Dharma and her society for the growth of which she bears pain as joy are in danger. She has issues to be addressed, she has responsibilities to take and she, for one, has to take forth the Dharma. To do so in present times, it is very essential to provide her with a platform, where she can identify, introduce, address and solve larger issues. Thus Hindu Women Forum was created.