World Hindu Congress 2023: Mumbai Curtain Raiser Ignites Excitement for Global Event

08.08.23 08:50 AM Comment(s)


Date: 19 June, 2023

The curtain raiser event for the World Hindu Congress 2023, set to take place in Bangkok later this year, commenced in Mumbai’s Jio World Centre. The event witnessed the presence of prominent leaders, scholars, and distinguished personalities. It also included the announcement of the World Hindu Congress 2026. It will be hosted in Mumbai. 

Swami Vigyananand, the organizer of the event, emphasized the importance of unity, strength, and global recognition for Hindus. The conference aims to bring together intellectuals, experts, politicians, and media personalities to address these priorities. The theme for the congress is “Jayasya Aayatanam Dharmah: Dharma, the Abode of Victory.” The primary objective is to unite Hindus on a global platform. It aims at fostering the exchange of ideas and strengthening their collective voice.