Call for Success Stories

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The Hindu Organisational Conference (HOTA Forum) brings together a vast array of Hindu organizations, including temples, associations, and institutions to share best practices, experiences, resources, and ideas.

The guiding theme is “Sanghe Shakti Kaliyuge”, which means “Organization is Strength”.

Throughout the world, there are many inspiring stories and case studies of Hindus working to promote Hindu values. We are looking for these stories!

Success Story/Case Study: Exemplary, inspiring success stories of Hindu organizations working to promote Hindu values and/or provide vital services to the community

Goal: Share local initiatives on a global platform and collaborate with others to initiate similar projects in their communities

Submission Guidelines:

1.) Abstract should be up to 500 words and can describe the following items from the evaluation criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity
  • Impact
  • Influence
  • Capital investment

2.) One photo of your initiative. Please include a caption for the photo that includes a short description of your initiative that is up to 50 words.

Selection Process: After shortlisting the studies, we be conducting an online poll to vote on the stories. The stories with the most votes will have an opportunity to present at the HOTA forum at the World Hindu Congress.

Email Submissions to by Monday May 31, 2018

Come and join us for HOTA Forum at the WHC 2018, Sept 7-9 in Chicago, IL, USA (