Three Kiwis take key roles in World Hindu Congress 2023, Thailand

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Date: 27 July, 2023

The three-day World Hindu Congress (WHC), comprising seven parallel thematic conferences, will be held at a convention centre in Bangkok, Thailand from 24 November to 26 November 2023. The WHC 2023 is organised by the World Hindu Foundation, and the theme of the WHC-2023 is “Jayasya Aayatnam Dharmah“, meaning “Dharma, the abode of victory”.

The seven parallel thematic conferences (economic, education, media, political, youth, women, and organisational) articulate the values, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit of Hindus in all its vibrance and glory. The conferences will also focus on areas of strategic importance to Hindus and provide avenues for collaboration among Hindu leaders, activists, and thinkers. These conferences aim to provide space to discuss and deliberate upon the opportunities and challenges facing Hindus across the world and how to address them valiantly.

More than 3000 delegates from over 60 countries are expected to participate in the World Hindu Congress. These delegates would include businessmen, professionals, academicians, media persons, youth, women, executives of Hindu temples and organisations, and eminent people from the Hindu society living in different parts of the world. Several youths from New Zealand are geared to attend this WHC2023.

Hindu Youth Conference is coordinated by Murali Krishna Magesan, President of Hindu Youth New Zealand. Hindu Women Conference is coordinated by Pritika Sharma, now settled in the USA. Pritika was the joint general secretary of Hindu Council of New Zealand. Hindu Organisations Conference is coordinated by Prof Guna Magesan, President of Hindu Council of New Zealand.

“It is good to see young Kiwis are taking big responsibilities on the world stage by organising important conferences during the World Hindu Congress,” said Prof Guna Magesan.

“I have been involved in organising the World Hindu Congress since its inception in 2014. This is the third time I am coordinating the Organisations conference. After the WHC 2023, I plan to hand over the responsibility to a younger person so that I can spend more time in motivating and guiding many more young people to involve in community work”, he added.

Held once every four years since 2014, the third WHC is being organised by the World Hindu Foundation in 2023 (instead of 2022 due to covid pandemic). The first WHC was held in New Delhi, India in 2014 and the second in Chicago, USA in 2018. These WHC events provide an opportunity for participants to “network, exchange ideas, work confidently and model their future course of action.