WHC2018  Registration Update

WHC Developer
27.10.21 11:43 AM Comment(s)

Based on the capacity of the main ball-room at Westin hotel where the plenary, opening and closing sessions will be held, our registration is now full. However, going forward –

1. Registration will remain open only for those who are willing to become Co-Hosts for the event. It is a separate category, for more details – see website.

2. Additionally, registration will remain open for delegates from all countries other than USA and Canada. For those interested from USA & Canada, their registration application will only be considered on case by case basis, to be decided by the registration committee.

For those registering as delegates from now on, please note that for the new registrations, only during the plenary, opening and closing session they will be seated in our over-flow room next to Grand Ball Room where the proceedings will be live streamed. Whereas, during regular conference sessions for which they register, the conference rooms for each of the tracks have enough capacity for all current and new registrants.

Note: All who wish to attend the World Hindu Congress 2018, Must be registered as you will be required to have your conference attendee issued badge all the time for security reasons. We request all to register and save their spot as soon as possible.