World Hindu Congress to held from Nov 24-26, 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand

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Date: 10 June, 2023

The World Hindu Foundation announced that the highly anticipated World Hindu Congress 2023, a global platform for Hindus, will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from November 24 to 26, 2023.

This prestigious event will bring together Hindus from around the world to articulate their values, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit in all its vibrance and glory with the theme of “Jayasya Aayatnam Dharmah,” meaning “Dharma, the Abode of Victory”.  The Congress will consist of seven parallel thematic conferences that will address the challenges and opportunities facing the global Hindu community.

The World Hindu Congress aims to bring together the 1.2 billion-strong Hindu community, representing 16% of the world’s population, spread across approximately 200 countries. Hindus have been leaders and catalysts in various spheres of human endeavor, including business, economy, education, governance, media, technology, and culture.

The World Hindu Congress is a quadrennial event. The inaugural Congress was held in New Delhi in 2014, followed by the Chicago event in 2018. The latter was held to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s historic address at the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago in 1893.

Following the resounding success of the earlier Congresses, The WHC 2023 will be held at the Impact Exhibition and Convention Center Bangkok, Thailand. The 7 Thematic conferences will cover a wide range of sessions and topics, providing delegates with valuable takeaways to implement in their respective communities. A detailed program flow for the three days of the Congress, including guest speakers and sessions, will be shared with attendees closer to the event.

WHC 2023 serves as a pivotal platform for encouraging collaboration among Hindu leaders, activists, and thinkers to come together for insightful discussions contributing to Hindu resurgence. It is focused on areas of strategic importance and deliberates upon the opportunities and challenges faced.

Delegates will have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and collectively shape the future course of action. WHC 2023 aims to instill a sense of pride and responsibility within participants, empowering them to fearlessly embrace their duties and responsibilities towards Hindu Dharma.