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Source: Date: June 13,2018 By MANU SHAH For five days a week, Dr. Abhaya Asthana is a lead researcher at Nokia/Bell Labs. He heads a program that is working on cognitive, self-reliable networks of the future which
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The Dalai Lama will attend the second World Hindu Congress in Chicago later year as Hindus from around the world gather to share ideas, tap into their collective resources and consider ways the community can achieve its full potential.
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As dawn breaks, Swami Vigyananand ji hops on to his bicycle and pedals to a park close by. He meditates and practices his asanas in the midst of nature, then laces up his shoes to alternately jog and walk
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Lokvani spoke with Dr. Abhay Asthana & Mr. Sanjay Kaul about the upcoming World Hindu Congress 2018 in Chicago from Sept 7-9, 2018
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Source: Date: November 17, 2014 Delegates from 40 countries to take part in 3-day event starting from Nov 21 Come November 21 and 1,500 delegates — with nearly half of them from 40 countries — will descend on
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Source: Date: November 23, 2014 The three-day World Hindu Congress concluded here today, raising concerns over conversion and giving a call for the preservation of the community and cultural identity of Hindus.
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Source: Date: November 23, 2014 A change of address matters, especially, when it mentions “Bharat” and not “India”. The global Hindu is grinding the ingredients for cultural, economic, spiritual and intellectual “resurgence” in the mortar, the idea of Bharat.
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Source: Date: November 22, 2014 Addressing the World Hindu Congress in New Delhi, the Commerce Minister hinted at the need to change the mindset of the viewers. Criticising the way women are portrayed as a ‘commodity’
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Source: Date: November 20, 2014 The World Hindu Congress, a conference where more than 1,000 Hindu delegates from across the world are expected to participate will start from Friday at The Ashoka Hotel .The event has been organized
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Source: Date: April, 2015 Extract: 1,800 movers and shakers from all over the planet made history at the World Hindu Congress in New Delhi, signaling a new era for the Hindu Renaissance. Indeed, many of us sitting there felt
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