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By Manu Shah

Raju Reddy named Vice Chair of the 2nd World Hindu Congress

Silicon Valley will make its presence felt at the 2nd World Hindu Congress (WHC) with 200 technocrats registering for the conference. One of their own, Angel Investor Raju Reddy is Vice Chair – an invitation he accepted bec...

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A digital billboard placed on a main highway in Chicago flashes a message about the World Hindu Congress (WHC) every 40 seconds and has been seen, at last count, by 1.5 million drivers.The windy city will play host to
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Based on the capacity of the main ball-room at Westin hotel where the plenary, opening and closing sessions will be held, our registration is now full. However, going forward – 1. Registration will remain open only for those who
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Namaste It gives me great pleasure to announce the highly distinguished and world renowned Dr. Sriprakash Kothari as the Chairman for the World Hindu Congress 2018. Dr. Kothari is Gordon Y Billard Professor of Accounting and Finance
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The Hindu Organisational Conference (HOTA Forum) brings together a vast array of Hindu organizations, including temples, associations, and institutions to share best practices, experiences, resources, and ideas. The guiding theme is “Sanghe Shakti Kaliyuge”, which means “Organization is Strength
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ARTICLES & ADVERTISEMENTS FOR SOUVENIR MAGAZINE – “SAMAARAMBHA” With the theme: Think Collectively, Act Valiantly, the historic World Hindu Congress 2018 comprises seven parallel conference within it. We invite you to please submit articles on topics relevant to WHC
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During the WHC 2018, poster presentations will be held to provide qualifying delegates a platform to share their unique case studies, ideas and success stories with others. The purpose of poster presentation is to enable delegates to “connect, inspire
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Dr. Abhaya Asthana announced that the 2nd World Hindu Congress will be held in USA in 2018. He thanked the organisers of the WHC 2014 for laying a solid foundation, and asked everyone to bring even more delegates to USA
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